Why is my new quartz watch dead?

The battery life of quartz watches is generally 1-2 years, which refers to the life of a brand-new battery. The battery is installed on the clock when it leaves the factory and starts running. It takes a while from when it leaves the factory to when it is sold to you, so it is normal for a newly purchased quartz watch to run out of power within a year.

Why does a fully automatic mechanical watch stop?

Fully automatic mechanical watch, relying on the movement of the arm to cause the automatic gyro surface to generate energy, supporting the daily operation of the fully automatic mechanical watch.
Do. Wearing it for more than 8 hours a day can ensure the daily operation of the automatic watch, but it is not absolute. When the power of the automatic mechanical watch is insufficient, the watch can be wound to supplement the power of the mechanical watch to support daily operations.

Should an automatic mechanical watch be wound?

The automatic mechanical watch is based on the manual mechanical watch with an automatic rotor and an automatic wheel. Before the sale, the automatic watch was in a stopped state. When you get the intuitive look for the first time, you must wind it thoroughly to ensure the work of the watch on the day. Just wear enough every day.
The automatic rotor will continuously replenish energy to the mainspring so the watch can work typically. Minimize manual toggling of the mainspring, which will drive the automatic wheel to rotate together, resulting in wear and tear of mechanical parts and unnecessary maintenance costs.

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